It took 25 years of practice, but I can finally say that I have truly cracked the new patient code!

Let me show you how I see 

Not per month 

And I pay $0.00 
in advertising and marketing costs!

And it's easy to do once you 
understand exactly how it's done

Most chiropractic marketing programs claim their systems will get you an additional 20 to 30 New Patients per month and yet here I am claiming I can show you how to get more than that per week.

Which could easily equate to 80+ NPs per month! 

Sounds too good to be true… right?

Well just check out that graphic I posted above. It is not exaggerated. It is my actual New Patient tracking spreadsheet from just the other day.

And what I will show you works in big and small towns alike.

It works whether you have a small or big practice.

It works whether you are all cash or take insurance.

Why? Because it is based on something called Search Algorithms.

And Search Algorithms do not care where you live or the type of practice you have.

What they do care about is ‘reviews.’

A little-known secret is that the search engine algorithms for local businesses, value reviews and citation sites over everything else when it comes to your ranking!

I don’t know what you know about SEO or marketing online, but this fact is EVERYTHING!!!

Am I saying to fire your SEO company or skip hiring one altogether?

Yes! I am.

Most are a lot of spend for little results.

If you can master the simple techniques we teach you (that most of the so called ‘SEO Experts’ don’t know about), then you can save the money while getting much better results.

And when I say results, I mean better ranking in search results when someone searches for a ‘chiropractor near me’ or ‘chiropractor in (your city)’ which leads to more calls to the office.

Well hang on you say.

What about "everything else" we as modern small businesses are supposed to be doing in a social media dominated world? You know, the never-ending list consisting of Facebook, Twitter, blog posting, creating backlinks, pay per click marketing and on and on.

If done right, social media ads, blog posting and pay per click advertising has some value. But in no way, shape or form is it as valuable as what we teach you.

Focus on this and your practice will grow without having to know everything about online marketing or paying someone ridiculous sums of money for mediocre results.


When you learn how to dominate the online review sites, namely Yelp and Google My Business - letting the other smaller ones fall in line -not only will you get new patients directly from those sites, but your ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) will sky-rocket!

Let me state this extremely important fact again…

I am getting 5-10 new patients each and every day, from Yelp, Google My Business and other related review sites!

And I will prove it to you, but first, in case you are unfamiliar with who I am, I am the co-creator of which offers free information for running a successful practice, along with related training programs (which culminates to our flagship training product: “Patients to Profits – The Complete Chiropractic Success System”).

In 1997 I published my first book, “Success for the New Chiropractor” (rated 10/10) and a few years later also published “Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic” (rated an unheard of 11/10 – also by the reviews at Dynamic Chiropractic). 

Since then I also published “The Psychology of the Successful ROF”, “The 2-day Chiropractic Workweek” and “I’ve Graduated…Now What – Exploring Your Career Options as a New Chiropractor”.

The last few years I’ve taken great joy in helping other chiropractors achieve their dreams through specialized one-on-one coaching (

I’ve opened, managed, bought and sold 16 practices over the years of every type under the chiro-sun and have consulted with hundreds of chiropractors while still practicing part time.

So, the Big Question is… How did I discover this no-cost marketing strategy?


In 2009 the economy and insurance reimbursement in my state tanked. I owned several high overhead, very expensive to operate offices. I was able to consolidate my practices, but it was a wake-up call.

I decided that I was over it. I wanted to keep practicing at some level because I LOVE all the good things about being a chiropractor – but I was done with insurance.

So, along with that desire for a low overhead office, came the need to develop an online marketing plan that also involved no expense. 

I have been marketing on the internet and on social media for years, but not to this extent (where I was going to rely 100% on it for this practice as a key component of the business model). 

That being the case, I dove fully into the world of review generation and aggregation. Not only have I never looked back, it has enormously exceeded my expectations!

Let me show you.

I practice in Phoenix Arizona. A large and very competitive market.  

In a town with a metro population of over 4.5 million when you search for “chiropractor in Phoenix Arizona” on Google this is what you’ll see:

And just so you get the full picture, it’s not only that I am #1 on the Google Maps listing (which is HUGE but does depend on the location of the searching IP address) but also #1 in the organic listings (thanks to Yelp) and #2 right after that (out of 460,000 potential search results)! 

Those are BY FAR the most valuable and most clicked listings on the whole page!

Now That's How You Get The Phone Ringing!

As you can see, Yelp has the #1 position. 

You will NEVER beat Yelp in local SEO! 

Don’t believe me? Try it! Type in “Chiropractor in ___________ city” and notice what’s almost ALWAYS on the first page. A link to Yelp! And most often it is the first position in the organic listings.

Not too shabby for a relatively new small practice in big town where I KNOW tons of chiropractors are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars per month for SEO services, and I am outperforming them with ease, for zero expense!

An important component of this too is that most chiropractors I meet think collecting reviews is just too hard, and Yelps filtering process is too restrictive, and so on. Or they just hire it out and waste money. 

But I love the fact they think this because it presents me a tremendous opportunity to dominate! 

If it were a walk in the park everyone would do it and I would have no competitive advantage. But just let me show you how and it will be much easier than anything else you are doing to market your business, I promise you!

Well now that the cat is out of the bag why don’t I show you a few other insights into how well this is working for me.

Here is a look at the same search in Yelp for “Chiropractor in Phoenix Arizona” Incidentally, I have never paid for Yelp ads:

For further proof take a look at the back-end of my Yelp and Google My Business pages which provide even greater insights into the traffic I am getting for free:

As you can see, even during a pandemic, on Google alone we are getting 200 to almost 600 prospects being exposed to us daily. 

This is ORGANIC traffic - which means FREE!

Now check out our FREE Yelp Traffic:

So, maybe still a little skeptical? 

Don't just take it from me.

Check out a few articles by industry leaders on the extreme value of sites like Yelp as a major factor in your organic listings, should you be so inclined to study a little deeper:

Perhaps you are concerned that because you live in a smaller city or town that me you won’t get the large numbers that I show. 

You may not have access to as many potential patients as I do, but how many new patients per month would it take to be worth your time to implement my system? 

One new patient per day? Ten per month? 

Most practices I consult with average 20 new patients per month through their regular marketing systems (before implementing the ReviewAmmo system). Would adding 10 more to that number be worth a small amount of your time? 

People will travel quite a distance to find a chiropractor that they perceive is superior. Getting more reviews will not only improve your ranking but also greatly improve your perceived value as a chiropractor.

And undoubtedly the most popular way for a potential patient to assess your value is through online reviews – hands down!

You will have patients coming from far and near because they are “pre-sold” on your excellence! Assuming of course your reviews are good - an easy feat when you use the ReviewAmmo system.

Enter Your Way to Conquer This Online Goldmine! 

"I have been in practice for 15 years and feel like I have tried a lot of products and marketing tools. I have wondered if Yelp would work for chiropractic so I decided to try ReviewAmmo. It is a straight to the point, step-by-step, no fluff, bang for your buck program! It consisting of a series of easy to understand videos with concepts ready to implement the very next day. We had our first few patients from Yelp directly last month due completely to this program. Exciting and rewarding! Like every one of Dr Counselman's programs, worth the time and money!"

-Matthew Davis DC

So, you may be saying "all I have to do is ask for more reviews, right?" Well, yes, but mostly NO

There is a right way and a wrong way to do this! And I have perfected the right way!

I have spent over 7 years now figuring out all the psychologically motivating methods (up until then adding reviews at the same painfully slow pace where you're at now) that get me 5 star reviews quickly.

I’ve taken my unique knowledge of how to do exactly what I have and created an online training program that will take you step by step through the process to accomplish the exact same thing I have accomplished but in a mere fraction of the time.

ReviewAmmo is a series of short videos that will give you the exact road map to completely dominate the online review process, and likewise the equal or even more valuable online (SEO) search engine optimization process. 

I have left nothing out of this training program!

Here Is What You Will Have Immediate Access To: 

Understand the full magnitude that is the review driven marketplace - ESPECIALLY FOR CHIROPRACTORS!

- The big secret your competition will NEVER know

- How a few small choices now will save you years of trial and error down the road

- How reviews can literally become ALL your marketing

- Making the old enemy (Yelp) your new best friend

The "Must Know" Reality of What Review Sites Mean to Your Business - Today & Tomorrow 

- Why Yelp is the IDEAL starting point

- The truth regarding the "trust factor"

- Where SEO value REALLY comes from for local businesses

- Don't fall prey to the dark ages, these stats PROVE the writing is on the wall

The "Facts of Life" in the Review Driven World 

- What no one tells you when it comes to bad reviews

- Making the numbers game work in your favor

Mastering the Filtering Process Will Necessitate Your Success

- Beating all the review sites at their own game

- The positive feedback loop that can't be stopped (thankfully)

The Real Way to Make this Happen  

- The only two types of businesses there are (the classification you are in determines your plan)

- Optimizing your Yelp page for immediate ranking improvement

- Maximizing your reviews - making them go viral 

- Outside of the box review generation (you don't want to miss this!) 

- Fixing bad reviews - advice worth it's weight in gold

If You Don't Know These Step You are Bound to Fail  

- The 2 imperative things you NEVER ever do when it comes to reviews

- The absolute wrong ways to request reviews

- If reviews aren't posted at the right rate they will be worthless - how to avoid this all too common pitfall 

- The handful of "don'ts" that will get your pages literally shut down (must be avoided at all costs

Expert Techniques Even Most Experts Don't Know

- How putting forth less than 1-hour per week in effort can easily double your business

- What your competitors will never do, that leaves the opportunity wide open for you

- The multi-factorial plan of attack that will catapult your business forward

Taking it Just One Step Further to Cement Your #1 Standing 

- The hybrid of the "set it and forget it" system 

- Ensuring your staff does all the work (or else) 

- The unplanned side effect (the great equalizer) which makes your business the absolute best it can be - all done through this process

- Maximizing the emotional triggers that ensures the best 5-star reviews possible 

The Step-by-Step System to Implement Tomorrow

- The exact same system I spent 3 years perfecting in my clinic will be handed to you on a silver platter. Review and implement - it's that easy. 

Making Sure You Have Everything You Will Need to Succeed with this System  

- Have a unique situation that requires some one-on-one input? Not clear about something or have additional questions or concerns? No problem! We'll set up a time and get on the phone at figure it out. I am at your disposal. 

Why wouldn't someone pay the value of 1-2 patient visits (not to speak of what just 1 new patient is worth) for the secrets to dominate the online space in their town or area of the county?! 

Especially when there is a 6 month money back guarantee! Watch the videos, implement the action plan and watch your practice grow by leaps and bounds! 

Don't let the "professionals" or the SEO guys tell you that it will take 1 year + and cost hundreds - thousands of dollars per month! 

This is what works! 

I have proven it and I will show you how!

This truly is the RIGHT TIME to get going on this as it's not only a ground floor opportunity (Yelp test "Chiropractor" in multiple cities in your area and see for yourself the opportunity that is sitting right there!), this is also the way of the future for years and years to come! 

There is zero doubt about that!

"Yelp reviews are the biggest factor in search engine ranking for a small business. If you need to move your business up in the search engine rankings then ReviewAmmo is your answer. If you want to get a ton of patients directly from Yelp and the other review sites then ReviewAmmo is the answer...Dr. Counselman really lays it out in an easy to follow format that everyone can understand."

-Daron Stegall, DC

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